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Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Work From Home?

A work from home opportunity isn’t for everyone. Wonder if you could do it? Read on!

Work from home

The Good, The Bad And The What If?


OMG! There are a thousand reasons I can mention about ‘THE GOOD’ parts of a work from home career, but to avoid sounding too hypey I will touch on the reasons why this industry spoke to me.


Summer is such an exciting time for families. Vacations, family reunions, special trips and weddings seem to fill up the months so quickly that it all seems to vanish in a heated blur and in no time the kids are back in school and your 2 weeks of earned vacation are over.

I mentioned the 2 weeks of vacation, but what happens the other weeks when you’re at work? Do you hire a babysitter or daycare to watch your kids or does your spouse alternate their holidays with you?

The flexibility that comes with having a home based business is priceless. What if you could work from home and still enjoy your summer by attending all the fun events and still being able to listen to the kids jumping through the water sprinkler in the backyard, not missing a step of their summer? Life is better when you have the choice to be flexible with your time by working your business as you travel, wherever and whenever you want.

No Commute:

Imagine what your day would be like not having to add extra time to your work day because you will no longer be commuting to work. And an extra 2-4 hours total drive time a day gone because you decided to do your own thing and start a home based business. You’ve heard the saying ‘time is money’, what’s your time worth? Do you get paid for the time it takes to get to your job? What if you could take those 2-4 hours and use them for taking your kids to school, meditate, exercise, build your business or just sleep? What does your life balance look like?

Have you thought about the stress? The traffic battles, angry commuters, your worry about getting to the office late? What is that doing to you? Would deleting that drive also delete stress? What else could you be doing?

Wouldn’t it be great to not spend so much on gas and vehicle maintenance or bus, subway or train passes?


Increase productivity by actually being able to focus on your business. By minimizing the distractions of coworkers, deadlines, meetings and interruptions you can increase the quality time you can put into your business. Seriously, if you work better from the deck in the morning then work there. If you feel better working in your sweat shirt or your pajamas, then you can do that.

Imagine being able to sit down and block out time to build your business without the workplace distractions, take a coffee break when and as long as you want. What if there was no office politics?




For an introvert like myself, isolation hasn’t been an issue, but I can understand someone that needs constant companionship may feel isolated from others.

Here’s where the cool part comes in. You can take your business anywhere you want to and that’s what make the direct sales, home based business, YOU Economy mindset the perfect way to get exactly what you want from life. Go to where the people are. The great thing is you don’t need to clock into the same place day after day after day. You get to chose the location you work from and the kind of people you want to attract.

Up To You:

No one is looking over your shoulder reminding you to go to work. Nobody is going to give you a deadline. There won’t be anyone keeping you on track. The growth of your business is totally up to you. How quickly you build your empire and income is your responsibility. Some can find that scary because there isn’t an hourly wage or salary to rely on. Others find it exhilarating and love the challenge to stretching their limits and setting daily, weekly or monthly goals for themselves, but remember, it’s your business so how you build it, the time you put into it and where you do it from is totally up to you. Your growth is up to you.



So, you’ve read some of the pros and cons to becoming a home based business owner. Believe me, I could have gone on and on about the benefits, but if you’ve read this far you have more than likely checked other blogs talking about the same thing.

When we were looking at starting a home based business there were certain criteria that had to be met before we would even consider venturing into the network marketing world and I believe it rings true for other home based businesses. Here are a few things to consider before you dive into the work from home world.

  1. Are the products consumable, meaning is there a regular demand for the products.
  2. Is there a residual component to the compensation plan (will the product be purchased on an ongoing basis so you continually get paid each month. Important.)
  3. Are the products exclusive, meaning who else and what other outlets are selling the product. (Exclusivity keeps a business going, no competition.)
  4. Are the products patented, meaning is there security that no one else can replicate your product.
  5. Is there a proven system that works?
  6. Who is the leader? Research those at the head of the company. Have they been to jail?
  7. What values are portrayed? Does the company live up to it’s own morals and values?
  8. Give back to the community. Does the company give back to organizations?

What’s important to us may not be important to you. What is important is that you make a list of what you’re looking for and find a work from home business or product that is exactly what you’re looking for. Find yourself a home with a company that you can bring into your home and then think about the ‘what if’.

What if this is the thing that takes you to the next level? What if this can help you find freedom in whatever capacity ‘freedom’ means to you. What if a work from home opportunity is exact;y what you’ve been looking for? What if now is your time to take the next step?

We have found our home with Nerium International because everything we valued as important was met by Nerium’s history in the industry, science based and innovative products and vision of where it’s going. We have not been disappointed.

Remember, you are never alone. Contact us here to talk about your home based business options.

Dream Big!

Lots of love,

Vanessa and Tony














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