A fun loving couple turns passion into profits!


Tony & Vanessa Canevaro: Like many young couples, we dreamed of a life full of prosperity, abundance and wealth.

The difference between us and too many other young couples?

We went after our dreams.



Married at a young age with a family of three fantastic young men at an early age, we were never afraid of trying new things.

Whether that was a network marketing company, a full service gas station with craft and antique store or a financial services brokerage (all started before we were 28!) we never lacked in ambition.

Through the years, many more businesses followed, some with great success, some not so much.

Throughout that time the glue that kept us pushing forward and kept us together was the strength of our relationship.


We endured many truly challenging financial times while on our journey; situations that cost many other couples their marriages.

We never doubted our marriage, as this was the glue and the fuel that propelled us forward.

Tony can often be heard explaining our uniquely strong love affair as: “We are the opposite sides of the same coin. We may be opposite in many things, but cannot exist without the other.”

Character and morals are the bedrock we have built our lives on.

The only people we choose to spend time with, coach, or work with share these beliefs…

…or they aren’t invited into our inner circles.

To tell the full story of our many adventures would likely take a novel (hmmmmm)

Here are the high points and a few tidbits that may show how we “tick”.

Tony has always been an interesting dichotomy.

A notorious movie and song crybaby…

…yet loves combat sports (Martial arts, medieval sword fighting, MMA).

Staunch capitalist with hippie tendencies, wants everyone to own a business, believes in freedom of the markets…

…yet wants everyone to grow a garden and produce their own food.

He is also a bit of a closet geek.


Loves comics, Magic the Gathering and is a staunch fantasy novel reader.

His current obsession is coaching and teaching volleyball to young men.

And me?

I’m the world’s biggest dreamer!

I’m a crazy “junker” and love anything shabby chic, old and rusty.

I love turning something old into something new and funky.

I’m often described as being incredibly thrifty (…cheap actually) and always looking for the best deals.

Haha, why not?

I really believe that I’m a princess to the world and a queen in my world to three amazing young men and am blessed with an incredible husband.


I have a huge heart and have the ability to make anyone laugh…

My Husband always says that people love to be around me.

I always find myself in the midst of spontaneous duets with my sons and goofy dance parties in the middle of the kitchen.

It’s a blast!

I have been told “no” more times than I can count but I always push on.

As a published author, completing my latest novel is the icing on the cake after publishing two children’s books.

I always sign my books with “Dream Big!” and we want to leave you with that same thought.

Dream Big, never allow any “no” or obstacle stand in your way, and be 100% authentically you.

The rest will fall into place.


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Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro

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