I know we hear the words ‘passive’ and ‘residual’ thrown around all the time, but do you know what passive income really means?

Passive Or Residual Income

According to Wikipedia:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Here’s a great way to explain how passive/residual income works.

Remember this guy?


Elvis Presley is one of the most well known performers in the history of EVER! Elvis passed away in 1977 AND in 2015 he made $55 Million.


Clearly, he’s no longer performing or recording. But it’s the power of residual income that’s allowing his estate to continue to flourish 40 years later. Elvis essentially did a great job once, and it’s paying him/estate over and over and over again. That’s called royalty income or passive/residual income. AND THAT’S POWERFUL.

Why Would You Want A Passive Income?

Working for someone else is great! You clock in and out at a certain time, you can book holiday time, some employers offer sick days etc.

BUT…What happens if you get fired? Or the business closes? Do you have a back-up plan?

What if YOU own the business and your overhead is eating you out of business? I know when we owned a coffee shop, that cup of coffee only paid us once and if tomorrow I didn’t sell a cup of coffee we made nothing!

What's my superpower

Where To Find Passive Or Residual Income Streams

A really smart business man named Robert Kiyosaki understands the power of having another income working for you instead of you working for it!robert Kiyosaki

Also, I’m a BIG fan of his mindset!


Why Network or Multilevel Marketing Can Give You Passive Income



First of all, what’s really cool about network marketing and residual income is that you don’t have to have any crazy super power sales skills. Also, there is a very small investment to start and it’s duplicatable.

AND, duplication is POWERFUL!!! When you teach and help other amazing entrepreneurs to do exactly what you are doing, you can also benefit from their efforts and over time THAT could help everyone benefit in a really amazing way! That’s called leveraged income (income earned by other people’s efforts).

AND, YOU CAN BUILD YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, 24 hours a day whether you’re working at it or not. Because when you join a company that is in multiple countries around the world, your business keeps on growing while you are catching up on your beauty sleep. With the power of leveraged income everyone can win!

Furthermore, network marketing will always be here as long as people are looking to get a head in life, want time freedom or need additional income.

As a result, the freedom to have feasible choices for a side income other than real estate (with heavy investments), franchises (with heavy investments and time) or a traditional business (with heavy investments and time) are out there in the network marketing world. Just find a really great company with patented products (that work), exclusivity with their products, a fabulous compensation plan, a proven system that works and (this one is super important) a company with integrity and values and the world can literally be yours.

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