Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT, Fantastic Partnership with Signum Biosciences

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT!

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT has been announced! Sig1273 in Optimera International Formula and EHT Anti-Aging for the brain in the United States! WELL, NERIUM INTERNATIONAL  WENT AND DID IT AGAIN :)

That awesome meter NEVER lies!

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

Nerium announces awesome new partnership with Signum Biosciences









Just when we thought the Nerium product line couldn’t get any better the company goes and BLOWS THE DOORS RIGHT OFF THE HOUSE!

Presenting the new Optimera Age Defying Day/Night Cream, Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

OK seriously! This product was already incredible, the before and after pictures absolutely OUTSTANDING!

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

Introducing the NEW Nerium Optimera International Formula












Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

Image shows improvement in the appearance of crows feet








But now…they have made Optimera even BETTER!

So what is it you ask?

Well……. A CLINICALLY TESTED AGE-FIGHTING Night Cream containing the highest concentration of our exclusive, patented SIG-1273® and patent-pending SAL-14™ ingredients.

So what does it do?

It addresses the signs as well as the causes of aging. THE CAUSES OF AGING!!

Nerium Blows My Mind








It acts as a powerful ANTIOXIDANT and works to TARGET free radical damage (I don’t want those radicals running free on my face)

It BOOSTS the cell renewal process to reveal YOUNGER-LOOKING skin (I don’t want older looking skin so this works for me)

It mimics the skin’s NATURAL, age-fighting mechanism. (I am fighting the old ages)

It gently adheres to skin for MAXIMUM delivery of the KEY ingredients with a unique mask-like quality. (I want something that keeps on working)

It TARGETS both the EXISTING AND FUTURE SIGNS OF AGING!! Resulting in YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN. (Sorry for shouting but this is AWESOME!!!)

Just in case you are wondering..

It’s also going to do some fighting. Fighting things like:

-Fine lines



-Uneven skin texture

-Enlarged pores

-Sagging skin

*Perfect for use on:

YOUR Face – the first place someone sees you

YOUR Neck – makes sense because it holds your face up

YOUR Décolletage – that spot around your chest area

YOUR Hands – your hands are really mean about showing your age

*Ideal for all skin types:

Non-comedogenic. WON’T CLOG PORES


You want to know something really super cool?

20 years of research in Dr. Jeffry Stock’s laboratory at Princeton University led to the creation of the remarkable SIG-1273 age-defying molecule.

AND do you want to know something else?


Nerium Uses Third Party Clinical Tests









Nerium not only helps your face (amazing age-defying product lines Optimera and NeriumAD), your body (amazing body firming lotion Nerium Firm) NOW let’s do something for that incredible brain!! ‘Nerium SIG1273 & EHT’

INTRODUCING EHT Age-Defying Supplement for Optimal Brain Health

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

Anti Aging for the Brain










EHT helps protect the brain against mental decline and decreased function that comes with aging. This exclusive patented extract comes after 20 years of research out of Jeffry Stock’s Princeton University labs.

So what does EHT do?

  1. Promotes better overall cognitive function and brain health
  2. Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions
  3. Protects and supports neuronal networking
  4. Enhances the body’s natural energy stores
  5. Boosts the body’s immune system

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT



EHT will be available in the US for pre-release starting May 15, 2015 and will be fully introduced into Nerium International’s product line-up August 1, 2015.




Whoooooh! I’m all pooped out! That was a lot of excitement in one blog post.

If you want more info on this life changing Nerium opportunity and want to order these scientific break through products just let us know. We are here .

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