Nerium International Open In Germany And Austria Dec 1

Nerium International Is Open In Germany And Austria December 1, 2017

The anticipation is quickly coming to fulfillment after Nerium’s official announcement to open its doors in Germany and Austria on December 1, 2017.

What Does This Mean For Europe

The direct sales/network marketing industry is HUGE in Europe.

*Europe’s population is over 750 million people

*Skincare product sales 19.7 BILLION Euro in 2017

*Germany 3.4 BILLION Euro (#1 in Europe/#4 Global)

*Austria 338 MILLION Euro

AND Germany and Austria are just the beginning of Nerium’s European expansion.

Why Do YOU Want To Get Started TODAY?

First Mover’s Advantage!!!

What does First Mover’s Advantage mean? YOU get to be the first to introduce a record breaking company, with a proven track record for success as it launches into a brand new country. Think about it! You only get to be 1st one time when a company opens its doors in a brand new country. This means that YOU will be among the first to introduce clinically proven revolutionary products into Europe as these brand new countries begin their massive growth. Your friends, family and others you are going to meet get to hear what Nerium has to offer from YOU first. THAT is a REAL opportunity and THAT is power when building a global empire.

Tony and I are thrilled to grow our business in every country Nerium launches into. Having a global business that continually grows while we sleep not only provides a fantastic way to build an income 24/7, but also makes sense. We would love to help you build a global business like we have done, the sky is the limit!

Read more about Austria’s opportunity.

Read more about Germany’s opportunity 

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Dream BIG my friends!

Lots of love,

Vanessa and Tony


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