Nerium Compensation Plan – Brand Partners Be Aware

Are people actually making money with the Nerium Compensation Plan?


A picture really does say a thousand words…

But you are probably wondering – Ok Vanessa, if it’s true than how do I get one of those?

I mean, who doesn’t want a crazy, Happy Gilmore check with their name on it?

Give me one of them big ones… I don’t care!

I hear ya, me too.

So let me share with you exactly how the comp plan works…

Don’t Buy The Nerium Scam Lies – Learn How Reps Really Get Paid.

Your first step is making sure that you are an active Nerium Brand Partner.

There are two ways that you can be active… either you have an Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) set up for 1 bottle of Nerium AD/Nerium Optimera OR you have 3 customers who have ordered their bottle of Nerium AD/Nerium Optimera through you.

Once you have taken care of that, it’s time to make some money.

There are 8 ways that you can get paid…but don’t get me wrong…it’s not ALL through big checks.

1. Retail Product Sales

This way is pretty straight forward.

You can sell the night cream for retail of $110 and earn the spread of $30, or you can sell the combo pack of day and night cream for $165 and earn the spread of $45.

This probably makes the most sense for those individuals who have a retail front where they have access to volume of customers already coming through their business.

Not for most…unless you feel like having closets full of unpurchased inventory, which I highly doubt.

2. Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)

Anytime you set up your preferred customers on an ADO, you get a sweet lil bonus.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it sure adds up.

The bonus ranges from $16 to $60 depending on your rank or how many preferred customers you get set up on ADO.


And hey, if you’re gonna get a bonus doing what you are supposed to be doing anyway that’s pretty sweet isn’t it?

I’ll take it!

3. Personal Customer Commissions

Clearly this way is also pretty straight forward, you make commissions off the people you sell the products to.

You can earn between 10-25%.

The company rewards you for the more you sell with higher percentages.

So how does it break down?

If your customer volume (CV) is between…

…201-500 (3-6 bottles) – you get 10%.

….501-1,000 (7-13 bottles) – you get 15%

…1,001-2,500 (14-34 bottles) – you get 20%

…2,500+ (35 bottles+) – you get 25%

The moral of the story?

The more you sell the more you make.

4. Success Pack Bonus

There are three ways to become a Brand Partner and start earning with the Nerium comp plan…

…Brand Partner (Cost: 99.95)

…Success Pack Brand Partner (Cost: 499.95)

…Premier Success Pack Brand Partner (Cost: 999.95)

Click here to find out more about what each of these options entails.

The company gives out a bonus if you help your teammates get started with the success pack…which really is just all the tools necessary for them to have success.

The bonus ranges from $50 to $325 depending on your rank…but basically, to make things simple for ya, the bonus works out to $50 for the Success Pack and $100 for the Premier Success Pack.

5. Builder Bonus

This bonus really rewards you for being a great leader and helping the people you personally enroll “Fast Start”.

Momentum is really the most important thing in network marketing and Fast Starting just means that a new brand partner is able to get their first three Brand Partner’s within their first 30 days.

This is probably more important for them than it is you, but hey, earning a $250 bonus for helping out your teammates is pretty good in my books.

(Clearly, in order to qualify for this bonus you too have to have fast started and/or be at least a Director.)

6. Coaching Commissions

I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record, and the only reason I am is because the company does a really great job rewarding their reps for doing what they should be doing anyways.

You can earn between 5-10% on personally sponsored Brand Partner’s activity.

Quick note is that these cannot exceed your other monthly earnings.

7. Director 60 – iPad Bonus

If you hit the level of Director in 60 days, you get a shiny new iPad 2.

Already have an iPad and don’t want another one?

That’s cool.

You can take a $350 cash bonus instead.

8. Lexus and the Live Better Bonuses

Okay… I have been DYING to dive into this one because it’s my absolute favorite one.

Probably the one that get’s the most attention too.

And hey, if you haven’t forgot about those big checks and still want one…this is where you’re gonna get them.

Not only that, but you can earn yourself a shiny new Lexus in the process.

Sound too good to be true?

Nah…it isn’t.

So listen up :)

Nerium will actually give you a Lexus car bonus after you have achieved the rank of Senior Director.

Just make sure it’s Silver, White, or Granite.

Between the ranks of Senior Director and Regional Marketing Director, Nerium will give you $500 a month towards your sexy Lexy.

Once you have hit National Marketing Director to 2 Star National Marketing Director, the company will increase that monthly payment to $750…you can get an even sexier one now.

Finally, once you have hit passed 3 Start National Marketing Director, the company will now give you $1,000 a month for your Lexus.

Think about it for a minute…this could be YOURS paid for by the company.


I’ll take it…just put my Happy Gilmore Check in the back.

I know what you are thinking…

Vanessa, the suspense is killing me! Just tell me how to get one of those big checks already!

Alright, alright, you’ve waited long enough and I really just wanted to save the best for last.

The Live Better Bonus, as they are called, are awarded to you when you achieve certain ranks.


The Live Better Bonus is paid over a period of 24-36 months and works out to be an EXTRA $2,000 – $41,500 a month on top of your earnings.

Your job to make sure it keeps coming in is to just stay qualified at the rank you receive them.

How To Rank Advance In The Nerium International Compensation Plan.

There is no doubt that in order to get yourself that sexy Lexy and the Happy Gilmore checks, you have to rank advance.

So the next logical question is…. how on earth do you do that?


I know … WHAT?! That looks crazy

That seems super confusing…

But let me make it a lot easier for you.

It can honestly be as simple as focusing on one thing, and one thing only.

Focus on getting Fast Start Qualified and then pass it forward and help every single person on your team to become Fast Start Qualified.

The rest will take care of itself and you will begin to see that you are getting paid left, right, and center.

So if you were thinking…

…is Nerium a scam? and wondered where the money and cars came from.

Now you know.

The Pros

There are a lot of really exciting things about the Nerium business opportunity.

  • The company rewards their Brand Partners for helping out their teammates in a major way through the Success Pack Bonus, Builder Bonus, Coaching Bonus, and so on. Morale of the story? The more people you help, the more you make. Now that’s good karma.
  • The brand partner compensation plan allows for new reps to see a ROI and even profitability within the first 30 days.
  • The fact that if you get your three customers and you get yours free means that you don’t really have to invest anything back into your business in order to get paid.
  • Having your customers get theirs for free = retention. And retention means more money for you.

And although there are so many great things…

There are also some not so great things that should be brought up.

The Cons

Ultimately, whether you like the Nerium compensation or not is entirely up to you.

I just want to be able to give you all the info so you can decide for yourself.

If you know what sucks right from the get go, you can make that decision for yourself and feel really good about.

  • One of my biggest beefs with comp plans is when your volume isn’t the same as the total amount of dollars that are spent… it really makes figuring out how much volume you need to rank advance a lot more complicated than it needs to be. (Spending $80 on Nerium AD/Nerium Optimera is the equivalent of 72).
  • The people you see on the stages with those Happy Gilmore checks are people who have the biggest teams, period. If you want to make good money and earn the exciting bonuses that Nerium has to offer, you gotta create some massive duplication on your team.
  • I think getting paid in a bajillion ways is super awesome, but sometimes it can really be confusing for your new Brand Partners and takes the focus away from the one and only important thing in this business…getting fast start qualified.

So What Is Nerium International? – The Cold Hard Truth

So now that we know exactly what it is, what’s good and what’s bad about it…how do we really make it super exciting and create life changing income here?

Obviously the company not only says, but also compensates through bonuses, that the key to being successful is through your customers and helping them get their product for free.

That is not ENTIRELY true…

Things start to get really juicy once you are a Senior Director.

This is when your sexy Lexy bonus kicks in and you begin to earn some great residuals.

Most people who are hitting this rank or higher aren’t just doing it through customers.

They are attracting other individuals to their teams who believe in the brand and want to build a business.

If you really want to make it big with the Nerium ad compensation plan, drive a sexy Lexy and earn yourself some crazy Happy Gilmore checks then it’s time to think about how to attract leaders into your business.

The harsh reality that no one really wants to talk about is that majority of people will never achieve that level of success, and no, not because…

…there’s something wrong with the compensation plan.

…that it doesn’t work.

…or there’s anything wrong with the company.

Then why?

Because MOST people don’t have a clue HOW to attract leaders and market their business.

And the crazy thing is… if you do learn to do things the right way, like the big leaders, it doesn’t actually take THAT many.

MOST people go out trying to convince their family and friends that the company has the best products out there and trying to convince these people that they need to do something they have never done before and, frankly, aren’t interested in.

Now don’t get me wrong…

The products ARE amazing.

But wouldn’t it be more worth your time to go after people who ACTUALLY care for the products or want to build a business?

Tony and I have really mastered how to get ourselves positioned in front of those people.

Wouldn’t you agree that building a business that way would be a lot more lucrative, efficient and fun?

Absolutely it is.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the compensation plan has to offer if you don’t know how to market yourself, the products, or the business.

Learning how to market yourself appropriately is the key to really building a big business with the Nerium Compensation Plan.

You aren’t MOST people, are you? Heck no!

Then it’s time to partner with us and learn how to market to the people who already want what you offer.

Dream Big!

Vanessa & Tony