Nerium Reviews – SHOCKING – I Couldn’t Believe This

Let’s be honest here.

If you’re looking for good Nerium International Reviews, chances are good you’re going to come across two types.

1.) The one sided hype fest review

or 2.) The all fluff, no real information review.

You’re not looking for either of those…

Am I right?

Thought so…

Well you’re not going to get that here.

I have dug deep to bring as much detail as possible about the company to the light.

Am I a Nerium Brand Partner?

Straight up, yes I am.

A proud one.

But I really believe in giving you ALL the information about Nerium.

Including the BAD stuff.


Because I’m not here to convince you. Unlike other Nerium reviews I’m here to give you the straight scoop.

I believe once you really have everything you need to make a decision about Nerium and their products the decision will be an easy one for you.

No convincing or arm twisting. Thank god!



The birth of Nerium International was really a scientific one.

Nerium Biotechnology Inc. had been studying the Oleander plant to find out the benefits of it.


In fact, their first goal was really to find out if the Oleander plant could help with several medical concerns, and although that search turned up inconclusive what they did find was….

…the Oleander plant has anti-aging properties.

Now that the company found a use for this plant, the next step was to figure out how to market it.

They actually spent 2 years on the process and finally committed to bringing their product to the Network Marketing industry.

Enter Jeff Olson – The Founder

nerium-jeff-olsonNerium Biotech wanted to have Jeff lead the company due to his extensive experience in the industry.

What’s Jeff’s track record?

Jeff has been in the industry since 1989 and has made a name for himself as a top global leader.

He’s the author of the book, “The Slight Edge” which trains individuals in the industry.

If that isn’t enough, he was also the founder of The People’s Network.

Sounds pretty qualified on paper to launch a company.

Contrary to what you might be thinking…

He didn’t jump all over it when he first heard about it.

He was actually quite hesitant.

Jeff didn’t want just any run of the mill opportunity.

If he was going to found a company again, it was because of exclusivity.

He wanted the best of the best.

He wanted something only he had.

He didn’t want to create a “me too” company.

He loved the idea of creating a unique anti-aging product  but really wanted assurance that what the biotech company was claiming to be true, was actually true.

So what did he do?

He ended up hiring a 3rd party research and development company to run tests.

The R&D company ended up selecting a set of random individuals and did skin scans of them each week for a month.

The result?

They found over 90% of the participants showed an improvement in their skin!

Jeff was convinced and decided to put his all into his new baby, Nerium International.

The company was officially launched in 2011 with the philosophy….

“Slow Down To Go Fast” – Jeff Olson

And fast they did go.

After their first year in business, Nerium’s revenue hit $2.5 Million.

By the end of 2012, the company experienced 3,900% growth by reaching $100 Million in revenue which earned them the 2012 Global Bravo Award for Growth.


So what IS Nerium and what are they selling in such mass quantities?

Nerium AD and Nerium Optimera – The Products

Nerium has always been a believer of keeping it simple and having a select number of world class exclusive products.

Will that always be the case?

Yes! No catalog of hundreds of products!

Actually, in April 2014 Nerium launched their International product – Nerium Optimera.

Jeff has even said that they have identified over 20 products that they will release in the future.

So what do they currently have?

Nerium AD

Nerium AD

Nerium AD is available as both a night and day cream.

The creams contain extracts from the oleander plant in a proprietary patented “NAE-8” blend that is the only USA Federally patented antioxidant.

…Okay… So what does that really even mean?

With the use of both the day and night cream, over time you will experience a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration.

What’s the difference between the day and night cream?

The night cream just has extra amounts of the patented blend and a protein blend that they day cream doesn’t have.

Nerium AD day and night creams are only available to those living in the USA, so what about those abroad?

Nerium Optimera

Nerium SIG1273 & EHT

The company has officially launched in Canada in April 2014, and with that a new product blend was born.

This product is for all the Canucks out there (Like me and Tony!)

Just like the AD, Optimera comes in both a Day and Night cream with it’s own patent-pending SAL-14 blend and the powerhouse patented SIG 1273 molecule from Signum Biosciences

What’s the difference between the Optimera and the AD?

Not a heck of a lot.

Why is there a different version of Nerium’s flagship product?


To make sure that there is a product that is ready for all international regulatory requirements.

What does that mean for Nerium?

International expansion is in full effect. If you want a complete Nerium reviews on Optimera, click here.

How To Make Money With Nerium – The Compensation Plan


Not everyone who enjoys Nerium AD/Optimera want to turn around resell it, but…

…Some people do!

Those people become Nerium Brand Partners and can join the business for either 99.95 or 499.95.

(Why the different levels? Check out #4 below)

In order to be eligible to earn money, you would just need to be set up on your own auto-delivery of ONE bottle of AD/Optimera a month OR have three customers.

(You would get yours free then!)

Nerium Brand Partners can make money many different ways through the comp plan.

Here’s a quick run down…

1. Retail Product Sales

This one is fairly straight forward.

You buy wholesale, sell at resale value and make the spread.

The spread’s about 25%.

2. Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)

Anytime your customers are set up on Automatic Delivery…like a monthly subscription…you get rewarded anywhere from $16 to $60.

3. Personal Customer Commissions

When you sell AD/Optimera to your customers from your virtual store, you earn between 10-25% commissions.

The more you sell, the higher the percentage and the more you make.

4. Success Pack Bonus

Alright so earlier I said how in order to become a Brand Partner with Nerium, there were three different levels.


Just in case you missed it, the three levels again are 99.95 or 499.95. Plus you can customize your business with several new action packs for just $250!

So why the different options?

Because the 499.95 and  action packs allow you select which vertical markets you want to focus on!.

All these levels do is provide you as a Brand Partner with the necessary tools you would need in order to build your business.

The company has incentivised their BP’s on getting people started on a fast track to success by giving a bonus any time a member starts up with the Success Pack or adds an action pack.

The bonus ranges from $50-$325, depending on your rank and depending on how many action packs are added.

5. Fast Start Bonus

A $202 bonus for Fast Start Qualifications… aka… get their first three brand partners in their first 30 days.

6. Coaching Commissions

When you are a good coach, you get rewarded for it.

You earn between 5-10% on the BP’s you’ve personally enrolled.

7. Director 60

Here you get a $350 bonus or an iPad for hitting the level of Director in your first 60 days.

8. Lexus and Live Better Bonuses

Us and Lexus

This is probably the most fun of all the ways to make money here.

After you have reached the rank of Senior Director you can earn the Lexus bonus that is between $500-$1,000 a month for the Lexus of your choice (as long as it is Silver, Granite, or White), or you can choose a cash bonus instead of the sexy lexy.

How about some higher income?

Yup, you can do that here too. Will you? Most people aren’t looking for big income. They are looking for a few hundred dollars extra per month. If you want to go for the higher incomes, there is no cap on your potential income, if you are willing to do the work!

Yes – you’ve read all this right.

There are a LOT of ways to make some extra cash with Nerium.

And I really just summarized, so be sure to check out the full review.

So now that you know exactly where Nerium came from…

Who’s behind it…

What they offer…

and how to make money here…

Let’s check out what’s hot and what’s not.

  • Nerium has been a big headline in the Network Marketing industry because of the momentum they are currently experiencing.
  • International Expansion has just started with opening up Canada in 2014.
  • A very aggressive compensation plan, meaning… more money for the Brand Partners.
  • Unique patented products that have produced result after result in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The company launched in 2011 and is still very new in the industry even though it is founded by industry vetrans.
  • Although its amazing to be paid so many different ways, it can be confusing for a new person to understand how it works.
The Whole Shibang


At this point you should have a very good grasp on things.

There is very little to know about the company and products that’s NOT in this post.

Bottom line.

The company has it together on every front.

People are seeing incredible results from using the products and it seems like every week there are new amazing business success stories.

Despite all this you’re probably thinking the same thing most people think.

“I get that it’s possible to be successful doing this, but will it work for ME too.”

The answer is it depends.

And you’re not going to like this next part.

Chances are good that it won’t.

Despite the success stories that do exist MOST people who join the company will fail.

No not because Nerium is a scam or some pyramid scheme.

Or because the companies products or compensation plan don’t work. (they do)

People fail for usually two reasons.

1.) They run out of people in their warm market to talk to about their business and don’t know what to do once that happens.

and 2.) They partner with someone with next to no experience who can’t offer them mentorship to take them to a higher level.

It’s really not most Brand Partners fault.

Most companies really don’t teach their reps how to market their business outside their warm market.

If a rep has a vast warm market with good contacts or contacts with large networks or MLM experience this method is really all they need combined with lot’s of hard work.

But what if you don’t have a warm market like that?

Most people turn to networking events, trade shows, or even prospecting strangers wherever they go.

As you can imagine that gets old VERY fast and most people quit.

Tony and I decided we wanted a more enjoyable way to build our business.

We’re busy people.

Our kids are in sports, we coach, we have other business interests, and we love spending time with each other enjoying ourselves (god forbid right?).

Needless to say we don’t have time for slow and time consuming methods to build our business.

So we leverage the internet instead.

Think about it.

How did you find us?

How did you get here?

We didn’t have to hound you, chase you, or even leave our house to interact with you.

You could be anywhere in the world, reading this at any time of day.

In fact thousands of people come online, find us, enjoy our content, and reach out to build a relationship with us.

Some of those people join us and buy products.

We teach our team mates how to do the same thing!

We also support our team by leaning on our amazing mentors and top Nerium income earners Mark and Tammy Smith.

People who join our team not only receive our mentorship and support, but theirs as well.

Lock And Load

You made it!

You’ve read the entire Nerium review.

So if you’re ready to go we’re ready to help you.

We can show you how to build your business online, offline, or both.

You will receive mentorship from us as well as the top income earners in the entire company.

Our team is a family and we support our family members in their pursuit of their biggest dreams.

Ready to lock and load?

Awesome! Click the link below and let’s get started.

Dream Big!

Vanessa & Tony









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