How To Make 2018 Your Year

How To Make 2018 Your Year


OH MY GOSH!!! Isn’t this just the greatest thing EVER! We get to hit restart on December 31 at midnight! What? You’ve never looked at the new year as a way to restart your life? Create a new game plan, life strategy or blossom into a whole new ‘WHO DO I WANT TO BE’? Well… today my sweet friend is YOUR lucky day because I’m going to give you some rocking tips on how YOU can totally own 2018, get exactly what you want from YOUR life and step into your destiny. And!!! The really cool part of this whole YOU year is totally in YOUR control.


(She’s got that right! Love this crazy pup)


Step #1

The Desire To Change

Change, oh that nasty scoundrel. How can something so exciting and life transforming be so scary? 6 letters in a simple word that has many different definitions and can cause fear in the hearts of the toughest human. Here’s what I think of change. Change is like marmalade.

You pick up the jar of change, it’s kind of pretty with the different pieces of colory bits suspended in the jelly, you open the lid and smell it. Change is sort of tangy and makes your think, “Hey, I might like this stuff” and you grab yourself a piece of bread and start spreading all over the clean white pallet. It starts to get exciting. What does it taste like? Is it sweet? Citrusy or both? Then you take a big bite!!! For a second you’re like “This isn’t too bad”, but then you’re a little unsure and start to think, “Maybe I don’t like the stringy bits. Why is there an after taste? Why didn’t I use strawberry jam instead?” You think about throwing a lid on it and sealing it up tight forever.  Maybe change didn’t live up to your expectations and maybe marmalade isn’t everyone’s favorite condiment, but that’s OK because something really awesome is about to happen. YOU CAN CALL CHANGES AGAIN because pear, bumble berry, and Saskatoon berry jams are waiting to be tasted!! CHANGE is always waiting for you and what kind of explorer of life would you be if you didn’t grab change by the screw top and twist off another sweet adventure?

I’m going to give THE MOST important ingredient to the YOU 2018 recipe because this one is often the one that most people don’t think is important, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Step #2

Personal Development is actually the single most special secret step to any plan you want to put into place (other than a desire for change, but I’m assuming because you have read this far you have already made the decision to change this year up). I know, I know the personal development movement seems to be all the rage lately and for a very good reason it works. I’m not talking about going gang busters and enrolling in a bunch of self help programs and spending 1000’s of $ on workshops (although there are some really amazing motivational speakers out there). What I am saying is do a simple search on YouTube for personal development and see what pops up. Watch a few of the videos, see who fits for you and what books they have out. You don’t need to spend money because a library will have a whole section devoted to mindset.

Why Is Personal Development So Important?

Oh man, I can’t event tell you how many times I asked Tony that question. I couldn’t get why he would listen to the same cassette tape or CD over and over again, or keep scanning the used book and Salvation Army stores for more and more books on the topic. It’s because those words and thoughts will start changing your views. Sadly, it took me a really long time to grasp that simple concept, but once I decided that enough was enough already, that we deserved so much more than a robot life of same old expectations and finally got so sick and tired of nickel and diming our way through the month, splurging to buy a bag of chips and a bottle of pop that I actually saw the light bulb moment I needed. When you change your thoughts you change your world and since then our whole Universe has changed.

Check out this article on 25 Books For Success. If you’re really ready for something better this step is the yellow brick road to your dreams.

Step #3

Make A List

Grab a paper and pen and write down the top 10 things you want to accomplish in 2018. Make a list 1-10. Don’t think about whether it’s feasible or not, whether your smart enough or good looking enough. Write down what you want to accomplish by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2018.


  1. Pick one you want to accomplish in the next 30 days.
  2. Grab a new piece of paper and write that thing down.
  3. List off the first 5 steps you’re going to take to start the wheels in motion to accomplish that thing.
  4. Do step 1 tomorrow. Guess what comes next? Step 2… and so on.
  5. You’ve got this! I already believe in YOU, which takes us to #4.

Step #4


Life can get fascinating at times and by fascinating I mean pull your hair out, screaming nasty things, smash a plate frustrating. Like that day you finally decided to wear that white satin number you bought in the 70’s, and the elevator boots completing the ensemble turned over your ankle as you attempted to step over a murky mud puddle of road disgust while exiting your car. That’s the fascinating times I’m talking about. Here’s a simple way to get out of those frustrating moments. Believe there is something better and Get over it!

So what if someone ate the last ice cream sandwich in the fridge freezer at work. The one with your name printed in capital letters using red marker, get over it! OR everyone in your house forgot to tell you that there’s no toilet paper and the phone is ringing and you’re on the can, get over it! OR you had a fantastic idea for a new business venture and the bank tells you you’re a risk for lending money, get over it! OR you feel like you can’t make another decision, take another step or think of another way to make ends meet. GET OVER IT!! IT is called LIFE and it happens whether you’re fascinatingly frustrated or not, so make a plan and get over it!

Believe that you already have exactly what you need to take 2018 by the hand and guide it exactly where you want to be. How badly do you want to win at 2018? Is it bad enough that you’re willing to look at the moments that make you want to cry and still know you’re going in the right direction? Crap happens to everyone, but it’s the ones who believe they are meant for something more who win, every single time!

Step #5

Keep On Doing The Steps

What’s the #1 characteristic Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They keep/kept on keeping on.

  • Steve Jobs was a college dropout. Did he stop? Nope, he kept on keeping on.
  • Sir Richard Branson’s first company didn’t make any money. Did he stop? Nope, he kept on keeping on.
  • Walt Disney went bankrupt. Did he stop? Nope, he kept on keeping on.
  • Oprah Winfrey had a childhood of abuse. Did she stop? Nope, she kept on keeping on.

YOU are no different than these 4 outstanding people. They didn’t come from success, they worked for it. They understood that if they wanted something better than what they had they needed to stay with their vision. Did they fail YES! Did they succeed YES!!! Why? They keep on doing the steps needed to make their life happen, and you can too!

The clock will strike 12:00 am on January 1. Maybe you’ll be dancing the night away, toasting with the bubbly and kissing the one you love OR maybe you’ll be eating junk food, drinking wine and binging on the last season of Game of Thrones (like us, we really are that exciting).  Whether you’re awake or not 2018 is going to show up, it never fails the new year always comes. But, what if this time you decided to draw the line in the sand or squiggled a yellow line in the snow and threw some glitter on the new year and made it the YOU year? What if 2018 is YOUR time and YOU took the steps to owning the YOU 2018? Imagine what could happen.

If you’re ready to do something totally different and are looking for mentors who not only want to help you live the best life ever, but actually will hold your had doing it, drop us a message here.

Dream BIG friends! You have one life, GO LIVE IT!!

Lots of love,

Vanessa and Tony








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