Us and LexusYes, this is really us in front of our new Lexus that we pay for with our Lexus Bonus from Nerium each month. We don’t pay for our car, our home based business pays for our car because we qualify to have it paid for each month.

Silly MLM Stories

The craziest ideas are out there about people from the network marketing industry. Some of them are pretty far out and some are funny, but not in the funny ‘haha’ sort of way. Sure there are people in the industry who freak us out and companies that are shady, but you can’t paint every single person or company with the same purple brush, and you can’t draw a conclusion about the industry as a whole from something your mom or uncle said about pyramid schemes and slick sales people.

Just to clear up the misconception of legitimate people with legitimate businesses in the industry, we want to let you get a glimpse into who Tony and I are because honestly, if you don’t know us you really have no foundation to judge us. And who WE are and what WE believe in is pretty damn awesome. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.


Who We Are Not!


Sorry, we have no magical powers or secret hypnotic words that can put you under our spell. Most of the time we don’t even talk about our business unless someone asks us or we meet a truly unique individual that would be a good fit for the type of person we want to be associated with. We’re not evil, sorry. WE authentically care about our team and changing lives. We can’t brainwash you. No hidden secret triggers here. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.


Let’s say you decided you wanted to check out a local event, just for your own curiosity. No one there will attack you, corner you or lock you inside the room until the event is over. We’re not freaky that way. What we will do is welcome you with open arms, fill you with amazing energy because the people you will meet there are world class individuals and will honestly answer any questions you have. Sorry, again we won’t circle around you and make you feel uncomfortable. You’re not ‘fresh meat’ and we’re not that hungry. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.

Kool-Aid Drinkers

You know what? Tony and I don’t even like Kool-Aid and we absolutely abhor the saying, “What kind of Kool-Aid are you drinking” or “They’re going to make you drink the Kool-Aid.” What we have is a legitimate business with real tax deductions and real government approvals in each and every country we launch into. No one can make you do anything, you are a real thinking person and anyone who says or makes any reference to you about ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ is personally insulting you. Sorry, if they think that little about you that they feel you can be easily taken in by a scammer, they really don’t think that highly of your intelligence, integrity or you as a person. They are insulting you, us and every real direct selling business owner on the planet. You probably should find some new friends. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.

Snake Oil Seller/Smooth Talker

OK really? Is this the wild west? Do your research. If a company and its products are making unrealistic or false claims or asks you for money before you can enroll, run away. I mean RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! One of the reasons Tony and I chose to partner with Nerium International was because of its cutting edge, first to the market products that are PATENTED, have PROVEN and REAL SCIENCE, 3RD PARTY CLINICAL TRIALS and products that are EXCLUSIVE to Nerium and its distributors. This means the products actually work, and work very well. If anyone needs to be a smooth talker in order to convince you to buy their products, then honestly their business and products are junk. Plain and simple. Do your research, but make sure you do REAL research and not trusting a random blogger who is probably working for the competition OR is getting paid or fed false information from another company in order to rate their blog. You’re a smart person, be smart about your research when looking at a company and its leadership. A good rule of thumb: If the owners or CEO of the company has ever been in jail, then you probably shouldn’t join that company. If the owners or company needs to scam, lie, scoop or make promises to people in order to entice them to join, then you probably should do a bit more research into the credibility and leadership of that company. Not every company plays fair or is created equally. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.

Money Takers

Again, do your RESEARCH. If a company/person is asking you for money before you enroll to ‘save a space’, DO NOT JOIN. If you are investing into your business by purchasing a start-up kit or distributor kit and immediately have a small business, that’s a different story because now you are part of the company’s distribution. YOU are a business owner, so it only makes sense that you have a website, product, marketing materials etc. because that’s part of owning a business. When we owned traditional businesses we paid for inventory, a website, marketing materials etc. because again, it’s part of owning a business, that makes sense. BUT, if someone wants you to give them money to ‘secure your spot’, ‘be first in line’ then they are literally taking your money. DON’T FALL FOR IT. If a company asks you to make large purchases of inventory every month in order to be active, look again at what that company is all about. When we were researching Nerium one of things we loved is the Nerium Gives Back FREE INVENTORY program AND the FREE personal product 3 URFREE program where we can get our personal use of products for free. What’s the thing that kills most businesses? Overhead. Having the ability to receive our personal products for FREE and FREE inventory makes sense. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.

Who WE Are!

We’ve Been There And Done That!

We have been both employees and traditional business owners. We have had rocking successes and crashing failures and that has given us wisdom. We’re not from the network marketing industry. We did dabble when we were younger, but we failed miserably because it was very much, “Thank you for your money honey”, and that’s it. No one took us by the hand to show us the ropes and one of the companies we did join were actually scammers and the CEO went to jail. That’s why we really looked hard at Nerium, it’s founder, compensation plan, products, leadership, values, if it was willable to our sons, if the products were exclusive, patented, had real science backing them before we made a decision. WE are business owners, Nerium’s business is our business and it’s a REAL business. WE ARE HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS.

We’re Hard Workers

If anyone promises you a quick money business or makes any financial promises to you then that’s a get rich quick scheme. Those people are liars, and we detest liars. We worked our badonkadonks off to be one of the top earners in Canada and we are having a blast doing it. That’s the TRUTH! We get to work at our business full time together and that’s just the way we love it! But, we have an incredible team that also has an amazing business working full time, part time or spare time. That is what’s so awesome about this business. YOU get to chose how Nerium can fit into your life and how fast you want to build your business. Life is about making awesome choices, the freedom to chose what you do AND who you do it with is POWERFUL. And we promise to work with you by showing you exactly how we have done it with Nerium’s proven system. We will be beside you every single step of the way. WE WANT TO HELP YOU.

We Want To Help You Be The Best YOU

One thing we learned from working at jobs is that not everyone wants you to succeed. I can’t remember an employer ever encouraging me to be better at my job than she/he was so I could work my way up the scale. If anything I was discourage from bettering myself or working harder than was expected of me. It’s sad now that I think about it.

Here is where we and Nerium are different. WE actually want you to be the best you can be. WE want to motivate you to see your super power, to live a life filled with happiness and support. That may sound strange to some, but it’s the truth. Once you get to know us you will see that’s what we are all about. No one is alone in this world and we authentically believe that we have all been placed on this Earth to help each other along, that’s how life should be. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU A BETTER YOU.

We Are The Real Deal

We don’t put on a show and we definitely don’t think we are better than anyone else. We are honestly good people with real goals in life. We don’t live in a mansion, drive ridiculously expensive cars or have a lavish lifestyle. Actually, we live in an 800 sq foot house, own 3 ducks, 4 chickens, 2 goats and 2 dogs. Our idea of a crazy night out is going somewhere nice for dinner then coming home and watching a movie. We are simple life loving people who are crazy freaks for history, art and love. We were married very young and had kids even younger than that. We are relatable, easy going, driven to live the best life farm kids. We really want to help you get what you want from this life no matter now expensive or simple it is, because it’s your life and you deserve the very best.

We Are Ready To Help You

That’s a glimpse into who we are and if we are someone you think you would like to build your dreams with we would love to help. Send us an email and we can connect OR at thedreambiglife@gmail.com. We’re not afraid of a phone call or online meeting. You can get a chance to ask us questions and interview us to see if we are a good fit for you.

Dream Big my friends! We are rooting for ya!

Lots of love,

Vanessa and Tony











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