Happiness Leads to Success: The Happiness Complex

Happiness Leads To Success: The Happiness Complex

The Happiness Complex is the term I like to give to the old new concept that happiness leads to success.


Why Complex?

When you think about the definition of ‘complex’ words like intricate, complicated, many parts probably pop into your mind, and that makes total sense because when I think about the Happiness Complex that’s exactly what I mean. The complexities of being happy.

You see so many times we throw the word or concept of happiness around and don’t really think about all the moving parts that drive towards that ‘happiness moment’.


A mindset is a set of thoughts that lead to a particular direction or action. So when you think about having the right mindset think about where your thoughts take you at every moment. What direction are you going? Are you worrying about every step you take or deciding that taking the first step will lead you to exciting new possibilities? Are you living in the past by replaying negative experiences and letting them determine your current and future life goals or are you leaving the past behind and building a bright new present and future from life lessons learned? Are you chastising yourself for the mistakes you made or looking at each obstacle as a learning experience? Mindset is the first step towards living a life filled with abundance and happiness, so really think about what you have going on in your marvelous brain, it’s the golden step towards a happy life. And Happiness leads to success.

Rose Colored Glasses

Sometimes ‘rose colored glasses’ gets a bad rap. Some think it means being oblivious to what’s going on, but I prefer to think of it as living life as an optimist. The media does a pretty good job of spreading the harshness happening around you, and it can be difficult blocking the jabbing coverage of world events whether local or afar. It really is OK to live in the rose zone. You’re not avoiding what’s happening, but choosing to not let the effects of the world around you affect who you are. Look for the sunshine where ever you go and when ever you can. It’s a much better place to be.

Self Talk

Actually, self talk and mindset go hand in hand, but I really believe this piece of the Happiness Complex deserves its own special place because it is a crucial element towards happiness.

It’s the things we tell ourselves every day, every hour, every minute and every second that makes us who we are, so what are you really saying to yourself? I have a really cool T-shirt that says, “Happiness is an inside job!”, and I believe it with all my heart. There is no outside force in the world waiting to make you happy, that’s totally up to you.

Think about the mental conversation you have had with yourself the past hour. Was it a positive or negative convo? What words were you saying to yourself? Here’s a great little activity that I hope you do. Write down 10 words you would use to describe the self talk you have experienced today. What feelings were dug-up as you were talking to yourself? I truly hope they were feelings of love, support and confidence, but often times we tend to beat ourselves up for the silliest things. We are all human and mistakes are made, that’s called life. Learn from them and move on. Step over it, it’s over. Replace those unfavorable words with supporting words that move you forward. The key is **replacing those words***.


Sometimes it’s easy to think about all the bad things happening in your life. It’s OK, that’s normal. 90% of our days are spent thinking about the things that happened in the past or worrying about the future. That doesn’t really leave much time for ‘now’ does it? Being in the moment has so much power, but it’s hard not to derail the moment with other worries. I like to think about what I’m grateful for when the train starts to fall off the tracks. “I’m so grateful I woke up this morning”, “I’m so grateful I have a cup of coffee to enjoy”, I’m so grateful I can hear my kids playing”, “I’m so grateful I have a job.”

Every morning when I open my eyes I say to myself, “I’m so grateful I woke up to this perfect day and beside the man of my dreams!” and each night before I close my eyes I go over everything I was thankful for that day. “I’m so thankful I spoke to my mom on the phone”, “I’m so thankful our business grew today”. You get the intent because happiness leads to success.


This one is a biggie!

It’s all fine and dandy to read motivational blogs and books, listen to motivational speakers and attended seminars. There is magic in the guidance of others, but all the emotions, a-ha moments and helpful hints won’t help you get exactly what you want from life if you don’t put it into action. How do you put happiness into action? By making the decision to be happy! What can you change today that would make your life a little more sunny? What one thing can you affect today so tomorrow will be brighter? Think about it! Every step you take right now can set you up for happiness in the next minute and the really great thing about that step is that it will lead to another and another and your life will change because you will start feel different, and that feeling becomes addictive and you will never want to go back.

Success Is Bound To Happen

Now, this is the really cool part of the Happiness Complex, the success that will surely follow. Many believe that in order to find happiness there must be success first. Things like, “When I find that perfect partner, then I will be happy” or “When I get that job, or pay raise or house or or or…”, but studies have shown that none of that can happen without happiness first. When we are happy our brains just work well, better. We become more engaged, excited about what we are doing, enthusiastic about life and more productive. We tend to make goals which again reinforces more happiness and thus successes! It totally makes sense.

We love surrounding ourselves with happy people. That’s one of the reasons we’re with Nerium International. We are part of the world’s largest happiness movement and that’s a pretty rocking place to be. The world sure could use a lot more happy. Here’s a video of Nerium’s founder and CEO Jeff Olson addressing the United Nations on Happiness. When you surround yourself with positive, motivating people changing the world one happy act at a time there is no way but to find success.

Tony and I are always looking for happy motivated people who ready to help change lives around the world. Drop us a comment or send us an email. We would love to hear from you. Remember, happiness leads to success!

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