Skin Care For Men – Manly Men Have Wrinkles Too

Skin Care For Men – Manly Men Have Wrinkles Too

Don’t be a wuss, men’s skin care is here to stay. I’ll admit it, even though I am totally stoked about Nerium International, I *just* started using Optimera Night Cream and Optimera Day cream. Why did I start?


“60% of the time it works every time”


Even Ron Burgundy knows you have to take care of your personal grooming to score the ladies…. Wait, sorry Vanessa, I mean keep your girl happy….

I admit it, I have a skin care routine. When I remember to apply both night cream and the day cream (Why is that sooo hard?)

So should you, really. I mean think about it… we only get one face right?

Top Five Reasons To Take Care Of Your Skin

1) You want to look younger for longer. Pretty Straightforward.

2) You’ll feel better about yourself. Stands to reason, if you take care of yourself you’ll feel better about yourself. Ever watch the way some guys polish their cars? Imagine if they took that good care of themselves? (Or their spouses for that matter. Probably less divorces…)

3) Your friends will be envious. Better skin = happier relationship with spouse = jealous buddies.

4) Improve “fun time”. Good chance if your spouse likes your skin better, higher amount of “play time” :)

5) Skin care is cheaper and better than plastic surgery. Duh.

With all the “manly man” stuff you see in media today and the pressure from the media about being macho it isn’t surprising that, like most guys, I resisted the very idea of putting skin cream on my face.

I don’t think anyone would describe Kevin Hart as a wussy man, would they?


Kevin Hart has been known to say “Your face is your MONEY!!”

Hey man, if it is good enough for Kevin Hart, it will work for me.

And, my wife really wants me to start taking care of my skin. (That might be slightly more influential than what Kevin Hart says…)

So really, cutting the bull now, why would any self-respecting guy put skin cream on his face?

Truthfully, because we beat the crap out of our skin.

We scrape it with a razor once a day and then put alcohol on the freshly irritated skin.

Not really smart if you care about how your skin looks.

NERIUM FOR GUYS – The Easiest Way To Stay Masculine AND Look Younger

Think about it, if you DO get a North American guy to admit that maybe, just maybe he should take care of his skin, he probably won’t be applying multiple products to his face, exfoliating, scrubbing, toners, cleansers, firmers, blah blah blah.

Nerium AD and Optimera are so easy. You put it on your face before you got to bed and you put it on your face after your morning shower. That’s it, that’s all.

And the best part? No one needs to know you are doing it……

 Skin Care For Men = Big Business For Nerium Brand Partners

OK, now for the business part of this deal. If you are like me (a bit of a mercenary) you are always looking for an angle to develop business.

Here’s an angle for ya:

Men’s Skin Care – Sales up 70% In The Last Six Years!

It’s like the dirty little secret of the skin care world. Men are spending more and more and more money on taking care of their skin.

“Skincare to fuel growth of men’s grooming market.”

“The men’s skincare market has grown 11% in dollar sales year over year”

“Over half of young men now use a facial moisturizer”

US sales of men’s skin cream are up 20% in the last six years.

Wait until Nerium International hits Korea…. Korea makes up 21% of GLOBAL male skin care sales!

“Skincare products have emerged as the most promising product category in this market.” According to Premium Beauty News

To paraphrase a favorite movie quote: “We are in the male skin care business, and brother, business is a boomin’!”

Over 40% of Nerium Brand Partners are men! Join along with us and we will start saving our manly faces, one face at a time!

Leave a comment below and go to our partner page and let’s get this thing rocking!


Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa

Nerium Japan

Nerium Canada Launch – BEFORE You Waste Your Toonies… Read This!

The Nerium Canada Launch is here!

Welcome to the tribe hosers.

No need for tears here!

It IS possible.

The Launch

Nerium started their company operations with the end in mind.

The plan?

World domination.

The company’s name after all is Nerium International.

Big clue. (wink wink)

The first step in world domination was creating a product recipe that could comply with all international rules and regulations.

Enter, Nerium Optimera.


Now I know what you are thinking….

…Why go mess with a good thing?

…If the international product is different than the O.G. Nerium AD, does that mean there would be different results?

No way José.

The company actually spent over 2 years doing research and development of this product to ensure that they could not only bring a product to the market that would be equally as epic as AD but also comply with all the rules.

Very consistent with the company’s philosophy that sometimes you need to “Go Slow To Go Fast”.

Two years to make the perfect product acceptable by all international regulatory rules in order to expand globally at a rapid pace without hiccups?

They’ll take it.

The next step in world domination is selecting the first place they would open up.

On April 21, 2014 Nerium announced it’s first country, CANADA, officially open…well sort of…

As of right now two provinces are open – British Columbia and Ontario.

All other provinces and territories are scheduled to open by the end of June 2014.

For people wanting to join or for more info on the other provinces please contact us!

You might be wondering…

…Ok Vanessa, if Canada is officially open, why is it only open in BC and Ontario?…I live in Saskatchewan, what about me?
Historically speaking,  most companies start in Ontario and BC.


Because that’s where the a majority of the Canadian population is located and it protects the company.

Ultimately, Nerium wants to always make sure that what they do is done the right way.

Check this statement out.

“When we made the decision to expand Nerium International into Canada, we knew we wanted to do it right. Part of that is equipping our Canadian Brand Partners with the tools they need to build their business.” – Nerium

Why Canada?

Companies in the network marketing usually choose Canada as their first country to expand into.

It is not a coincidence.

So why do they do it?

Especially considering that the population of Canada is smaller than the population of the State of California.

…Seriously, it’s true! So it can’t be for the quantity of people that would be able to join.

It’s about the quality of people.


In the Network Marketing industry, companies expand into Canada before any other country for two very specific reasons

1. Canada is a “Melting Pot” 

Canada is really known worldwide for their broad range immigration policy.

Canada is home to immigrants from over 200 countries.

There are even 33 ethnic groups in the country that EACH have over 100,000 people.

In order words…

That’s A LOT of different people from all walks of life.

Being from Canada, I have to say it’s what makes the country amazing.

But what does that have to do with Network Marketing?

Well you see…

If you can capture a percentage of those ethnic groups in Canada, going into other countries is almost as easy as pushing a button.

Everyone of these groups has family and friends “back home” that they can just call, e-mail, or skype when the company officially opens it doors else where.

Of course, a lot of other countries around the world are home to a large immigrant population.

So there has to be another reason, right?


2. Business Operations Are Identical To The US

The way business is handled is in both Canada and the US is identical.

The economic and consumption behavior really has minimal differences.

Probably because of NAFTA.

So how does this affect the Nerium Canada launch?

Sure some of the rules are different and the company really faced that difference head on by creating a product that would be acceptable across international borders.

And yes, there are some slight language differences.

But other than that a company doesn’t really have to do too much in order to open up operations in Canada.

Heck, even if they wanted to use the same distribution and packaging center they can.

Often companies do until production reaches a point where it makes sense for them to open up another facility.

From a companies perspective, it really just means minimal investment and infrastructure for maximum benefit.

And that, my friends, is why Canada!

Why Join Us?

There really is NO shortage of Nerium Brand Partners that you can join.

They are literally all over the US… and now Canada.

So what makes myself and Tony so special?

Besides our good looks and modesty…

…we understand that most people who join Nerium will ultimately fail.

Despite their good intentions the numbers just don’t lie.

…and no, it’s not because it’s a scam or there is anything wrong with the person or the company.

The numbers are actually remarkably similar for all companies.

Then why?

We know from experience that most people are either TOO afraid or TOO lazy to do what it takes to be successful.


The company teaches you to reach out to your friends and family and put them on three-way calls with complete strangers or invite them over for home party presentations.

But what happens when that list of warm market prospects runs out?

Or worse…

What about when people get burnt out from doing those activities week in week out?

Ya, you guessed it.

They either stop doing them and struggle.


They quit.

Now I am not saying that those things don’t work, because they DO.

But what if you could improve your odds, even the playing field, and make it fun instead of uncomfortable?

Would you do it?

Of course!

Well that’s what we teach our team how to do.

Stop for a second.

How the heck did you find us?

Did we put you on a three-way call with my sponsor?

Were you invited (dragged) to my home party to watch me parade around at the front of the room?

Did you get here because I met you at a networking event and handed you my business card?

No. No. And not a chance!

So what then?

Yup, my little friend the Google fairy scooped you up and carried you right to me on a shiny silver platter.

THAT is what makes Tony and I different.

We know how to find the people who are already searching for Nerium products and how to become Brand Partners.

We know how to position ourselves in front of those desiring eyes who already have their credit card in hand and just need a little more information before they buy.

Lucky for you, that’s EXACTLY what you get when you join us.

Uncomfortable doing three-way calls?

Ditch em!

Don’t want people in your home or don’t want to be in other peoples homes 4 nights a week?

That’s cool. Stay home and kick back with your laptop.

This is about being there for your family and having the lifestyle YOU CHOOSE.

All while building a successful INTERNATIONAL business that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…even while your sleeping.

The Nerium Canada Launch is just the beginning.

Are you ready for world domination?

I know we are.

Dream Big,

Vanessa & Tony