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Calgary Nerium Business Growing – Real People, Real Results

Calgary Nerium Business Growing Unbelievably Fast!

Wow! What a month! Nerium officially launched all of Canada July 1st and we haven’t stopped growing since! We’ve been a little light on posts this month as we’ve been growing our team so fast we’ve barely had time to breathe!

Our Team has just been exploding!

New team members this month:

Wendy, Reola Mathieu Lucy, Opeoluwa, Terry & Richard, Terry, Claudia, Charity Mills , Sonia Aquilar, Holly & Daryl, Janelle, Jeanine, Leona, Donna, Amber, Gerald & Deborah, Lawana Saretzky, Jay & Virginia, Sandra Cardinal, Dover, Teri – Anne, Vivien Champagne, Linda, Lee, Ginger, Charlene, Donna, Lorraine, Patricia, Shannon, Cheryl & Laura!


Huge Congrats to the following folks for hitting Senior Brand Partner this month!

Tammy, Charity Mills , Anita Champagne , Sheri, Shelley Johnson All hit Senior Brand Partner Ranks this month! Way to go folks!


Put your hands together and congratulate these worker bees who hit Director in July!

Tammy, Sheri & Anita Champagne! Way to go earning your Ipad Bonus!


An extra huge congrats to Darlene Champagne for achieving a major milestone! Sexy Lexus Bonus!

SeniorDirectorBadgeLexus bonus

We are so excited for you Darlene!

Why Join Tony & Vanessa’s Nerium Team?


Want to work closely with the top earners in Nerium? We have been very fortunate to have been sponsored by Mark & Tammy Smith and blessed to have Dale & Vanessa Munger as our personal “Work out partners”. Dale & Vanessa have helped over 70 people become six figure earners in the last 34 months and helped over 1000 people earn their Lexus bonus. They really personify the words “Servant Leader”!

Dale Vanessa Munger

Dale & Vanessa plus their two sons travel the country and work closely with their field representatives. We have been blessed with their presence here in Calgary once already and they are returning next week to help our entire team kick off August right!

Nerium Testimonials – Tony & Vanessa Canevaro Testimonials

If you have read this far down the page, have checked out our blog posts and are still here, you are probably interested in joining Nerium and looking for the right leader to join.

Here is what the team says about the leadership:

Charity Mills: Tony and Vanessa have an amazing energy and enthusiasm that I am so grateful to be touched by. They truly want everyone to succeed at whatever their goals are.

Shelley Johnson: Vanessa and Tony are the epitome of leadership, support and role modelling! There is only room for success with them leading by example!! Simply blessed to have been selected to be on their team!!!!

Lawana Saretzky: Tony and Vanessa are just real people, living real life, and so ready to help people like myself reach my goals and dreams. They are such positive influences that have contagious happiness. I am so excited to be working with them and I appreciate their non-pressure support. They work with you where you are no matter what speed you are at. I am so fortunate to be a part of this exciting adventure. Thanks you two, you are amazing!!

Reola Mathieu: Tony and Vanessa are exuberant people and have provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to get my business off the ground. They are there to support you 100% of the way and will guide you in the right direction right from day one. Their excitement and passion about Nerium and its opportunities are contagious. I consider myself very lucky to know them and to be part of their team.

Real Business, Real Opportunity, Real People

Folks, Nerium is real. The products work, people love them and will buy them even if there is no financial incentive to do so. The leadership team we work are real folks. Great people, dedicated to achieving your goals.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose except wrinkles! Partner up with us or send us a message and lets chat!

Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro

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Connect with us!

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