Michael Turnbull Current Affair Nerium Australia

Michael Turnbull on A Current Affair

Michael Turnbull Current Affair Nerium Australia scandal.

Former Bachelorette star Michael Turnbull interviewed on Australian news media outlet A Current Affair.

Concerns about his possible involvement in a pyramid scheme.

Does A Current Affair even know what a pyramid scheme is?

Honestly, after looking at their reporting of the situation I really have to wonder. They obviously have real idea about the difference between a real Ponzi Scheme and a legitimate direct sales company. Watch this video and learn why.

I mean really, it sounds more like they have a love/hate relationship with Michael Turnbull. Seems that they have been unfairly focusing on the former Bachelorette star, claiming all sorts of things including that he is involved in a “Pyramid Scheme”.

Here’s where A Current Affair goes very wrong.

They claim that Michael Turnbull is part a pyramid scheme company. They claim that Nerium International is a pyramid scheme.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Watch the video above and learn why.

You cannot create real customers and be a Ponzi Scheme.

Get your facts straight, A Current Affair.

For all of our friends involved in Direct Sales, especially those living in Australia, if you have concerns or would like help growing your business, comment below or contact us here.



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