What’s Your Superpower?

Zero the Superhero

Everyone Has a Superpower

Everyone has a superpower. I love that! But, not everyone knows what that superpower might be.

Why I Don’t Always See The Super In Me


What's my superpower


That’s a very good question. Why can’t we see the superpowers in ourselves?

Maybe it’s because of our past. First of all we don’t inherit our personalities. Those are developed through life experiences. We can learn to ‘pick-up’ some traits from our parents, siblings and friends, but we develop our personalities through the act of living. The great thing about that is we mold who we are by where we have been.  We have a huge treasure chest of adventures we have been on, some good and some not so good, but all these experiences can be used to hone our superpowers. The gifts we have inside us.

Here’s are a few great little questions to ask yourself to help you find ‘the power within.

1. What do your friends compliment you about when talking about your personality?

  • You always seem to make everyone feel so good about themselves
  • You always know just what to say
  • You give the best advice
  • You talk everyone ‘off the ledge’
  • You just make me happy all the time

2. If you could pick 1 superpower to help others, what would it be?

3. What do you like most about yourself?

4. When you hear about someone struggling, what would you do to help ‘fix’ their problem?

If you look at your answers I’m sure you can already see your superpower emerging.

So What’s So Great About Finding That Special Thing About ME? (You)



Experience is what leads you to your next adventure. It’s what gives you that special something that sets you above the rest. It makes you different, helps you relate to others going through a similar struggle and gives you a chance to make a difference.

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn
C.S. Lewis

Life experience

How To Make A difference

When I was a teen I thought I needed to be like everyone else. I needed to think the same way, like the same music, laugh at the same jokes and admire the same people…Basically, just be a sheep.

When I became an adult I thought I needed to be like everyone else, make money the traditional way, live risk free and admire the same people…Basically, just be an older sheep.

Then I grew up!

I learned that I was miserable trying to fit in. I was terrible at pretending to like my JOB and pretending to like people I thought I needed to be friends with. I began to realize that ‘success’ wasn’t all about money or status. That’s when I understood what having a super power really meant.

Using Your Powers For Good


  • the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame
  • the correct or desired result of an attempt
  • someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds

Today is a BIG day! Today I don’t agree with Merium-Webster’s definition of Success

SUCCESS: Your Super Power (our definition)

  • the fact of giving hope and happiness to others
  • the correct way to live as a human being
  • someone or something that finds their true gift and shares it with the world

Today is the day YOU find your SUCCESS, your super power, your way to contribute to society in a way that shows everyone that YOU ARE A SUPERHERO because you have found your gift.

Be true to yourself and let the super YOU shine through. Take a moment to think about how you have influenced your friends, family, kids, dog, neighbor, stranger. Did you make them smile? Did it feel good? If your answer is YES, then my friend you have found your super power.

If you would like to hangout with like minded people living life on their terms and building their dreams drop us a line . If you would like to do what we’re doing and have fun building your dreams Partner with us.

Dream Big!

Vanessa and Tony