Did you say free Lexus

“FREE LEXUS”? Yes, you heard right! No we are not joking. Really



Say WHAT!? A Free Lexus?


YES! That’s 14 FREE Lexus earners on our Nerium team in under 2 years. Nerium has one of the lowest qualification requirements in the relationship marketing industry. Why? Why would they do that? Simple. More people driving luxury cars equals more brand awareness and buzz. More brand awareness equals more people trying the product and more people becoming customers. Pretty simple!













Do you know what’s even cooler? Going to the Lexus dealership and helping your friend pick out her Lexus paid for by Nerium.


Because that’s what Nerium International is all about. Paying it forward, encouraging others to live the life they deserve to live and helping each other along.

You see, Tony and I can’t be successful unless we help YOU BE SUCCESSFUL.

We can’t live our dreams unless we help YOU LIVE YOURS.


We honestly, wholeheartedly want you to succeed and we can show you how. Nerium has a simple system that sets YOU up for success, as long as you follow the system. Our Lexus bonus earners are from all different background. None of them really had any success or experience in Network Marketing before joining our team. This system is rock solid, proven time and time again. The only real variable is you. If you are willing to follow the system and be teachable we can get you into a luxury car!

So, if you want to join our team and earn your own SEXY LEXY click here.

If you want to chat about your future with us click here.

We are here every single step of the way.

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Dream Big!

Vanessa and Tony





How Badly Do YOU Want Change?

How badly do you want change? Really?

desire to change

Sorry friends. This is the secret recipe to EVERYTHING IN LIFE!

“Your Desire To Change Must Be Greater Than Your Desire To Stay The Same.”

The first time I heard this quote was on a cassette tape recording done by Les Brown and I has stuck with me for almost 25 years.


Because it is truly the answer to all life’s problems.

Weight Loss

How to Get Out of Debt

Job Search

Bad Relationship

How to Get Into Shape

How to Save Money, Eat Better, Find My Dream Man, Woman

Whatever it is it’s up to YOU  to do it!

indexI Could Have Been….

What Might Have Been….

It Should Have Been….

What If I Had….

I remember a time when we failed. Failed at business, failed at planning our lives, failed at feeding our family

Basically Just Stinkin Failed at Life!!

Until one day, we got it! Tony got it way before I did. He saw the vision of mind over situation.

He read the books on how to live life like you owned it!

He listened to the voices of great thinkers and entrepreneurs like Napoleon Hill, Ed Foreman, John C. Maxwell, Jeff Olson and Robert Kiyosaki. He desperately tried to help me to understand that it’s what you think and do every day that will change a life. Putting action into what you have read or heard is what it takes to move forward.

Once I got it, I mean really and totally GOT IT our lives changed.

I stopped dumping my problems when I talked on the phone.

I stopped thinking that we will never get out of the hole.

I stopped filling my face with food.

I stopped whining about what was wrong with our life.

I stopped my stinkin thinkin.


Here Is What I DID!

I started telling people I was AWESOME even when things may not have been.

I started making a weekly plan and budget to pay the bills.

I took gluten, sugar and dairy out of my diet and gave myself a ‘cheat’ day on the weekend so I could eat all those ‘bad’ things that used to make me happy.

I didn’t deprive myself of foods I craved, I eat them on my cheat day only.

I count my blessings from the day, before I close my eyes, even if it’s as simple as “I’m so happy I cleaned the toilets today because that means I don’t have to tomorrow.”

I go through my list of things I want to happen in my life and I speak it in the present. “I’m so happy I own my dream home.” “I’m so excited I have $100,000.00 in my savings.” Say it in the NOW.

I know that everything I say, react to and think relies totally on ME.


NEVER will we let someone else tell us what we are worth

NEVER will we let someone else decide what is best for us

NEVER will we listen to those who want to keep us in a hole because they aren’t willing to dig themselves out


NEVER are we ever going to leave our lives in the hands of someone else.


So I ask you right now..


We can help with that change click here.

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Use this snapcode to add us to your snapchat










Dream Big friends!

Vanessa and Tony