Best Sales Training Ever! – As Taught By 6 Year Olds

Best Sales Training Ever! As Taught By 6 Year Olds

Nerium International Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser

Our team recently held a “Lemonade for Littles” fundraiser as part of the ongoing partnership between Nerium International and Big Brother & Big Sisters. It was an awesome time and we raised over $400.00 for this great organization!

Sales Training by Six Year Olds

The best part of the weekend other than the fundraising was getting to attend the best sales training seminar ever.

And it was free!

Josh and Greyson gave anyone who was paying attention a crash course in sales that was simple, powerful and effective.

Typical Sales Training Seminar


I’ve attended a LOT of sales training seminars in my 25 year sales career.

Been taught all the best:

Opening techniques, seating strategy, exposing objections, handling objections, overcoming objections, an amazing amount of different closing techniques, how to handle rejection etc, etc, etc.

Josh and Greyson have never had any training.

They simply asked everyone that went past the lemonade stand: “Would you like some lemonade?”

And it worked. They out sold every teenager, every adult that we had running the lemonade stand. Hands down.


To Make More Sales, Be a Six Year old Again

Josh and Greyson understood, instinctively, the core sales techniques that will produce results:

1) They had a great attitude! These two boys were having FUN! They couldn’t wait to talk to the next person that walked by, and their enthusiasm was obvious and contagious!

2) They didn’t judge their customers. They didn’t think “Oh, I doubt this person will want some lemonade.” They asked Everyone!

3) They believed in the product they were selling. They helped make the lemonade, so they knew it was awesome!

4) They stayed enthusiastic! When someone said NO! they just asked the very next person, They didn’t take it as personal attack on their worth as a human being, they just shrugged, knew that person didn’t want any lemonade and then asked the next person in line!

Instinctively these boys knew that they were just sortingnot selling.

In the direct sales business, relationship marketing, network marketing, MLM, whatever you want to call it the highly successful people have understood something that the struggling field rep hasn’t yet figured out:

Amateurs sell, professionals sort.

Josh and Greyson knew this. No one told them, they just knew this. They never once tried to convince someone who said “no” to buy some lemonade. They just understood that those folks didn’t want any lemonade.

So they looked for the ones that wanted lemonade.

If you are in direct sales, this is the most important lesson you will ever learn. Stop looking for people who aren’t looking for you! You just want the folks that want you and your opportunity.

Six year old wisdom.

We would love to work with you! If you have read this far, chances are you are looking for something too. Contact us and we will help you achieve your dreams! If you are ready to get started, come partner with us and lets go make your goals come true!

Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro

Nerium Mexico Launch – Business Leaders Pay Attention!

Nerium Mexico Launch – Business Leaders Pay Attention!

Nerium Mexico LaunchHang on to your hats! Nerium International is about to break even more sales records! We are bringing the Nerium Rythym to Mexico! So excited to announce the Nerium Mexico Launch for October 2014!

Nerium Mexico Launch Nerium Mexico Launch

Skincare Business Opportunity in Mexico

Don’t know about you, I just assumed that the United States and Canadian skincare business was larger than the opportunity in Mexico. Not so!

Mexico’s Skincare opportunity is almost three times bigger than the US & Canada combined!

We have several team member who grew up in Mexico and Central America. The young girls there are educated about skin cream and taking care of your skin at a very early age. Sonia tell us that when she turned 14 in El Salvador her Mother taught her how to make her own skin creams!

Ground Floor Founder’s Level Opportunity

If you are even thinking about getting going with Nerium International, now is THE time to jump on board! Whether you are a brand new person or an experienced Networker this is going to blow up your business!

From the Direct Selling News: Canada is only the 14th largest direct selling country while Mexico ranks 6th! Three times bigger than Canada!

“Emerging market sales comprised 40 percent of global direct retail sales and showed an impressive 18 percent gain in 2011. But the number of people who live in emerging markets is staggering—some 85 percent of the world’s population—and enormous growth potential lies in meeting the needs of such people, who often live beyond brick-and-mortar retail infrastructure. Direct selling is a win-win for those populations, those countries and the companies who choose to do business there.”


The Nerium Mexico Launch Express Train is Gaining Steam!

Come along with us and work with Industry Leaders: Jeff Olson, Mark Smith, Tammy Smith, Dale Munger, Vanessa Munger as we blow the doors off the skincare business in Mexico!

Click here to see how to partner with us, click here to send us a short note!

Dream Big!

Sueña en Grande

Tony & Vanessa


Nerium for Sun Damage Skin – Sunscreen, Your Tacky Friend

Nerium for Sun Damage Skin – Sunscreen, Your Tacky Friend!


Ahhhhh…there’s nuthin better than catching a few rays at the beach/deck/yacht/ deserted island.


Those bits of light are also wreaking havoc on your body (I mean other than cooking your skin to a nice roasty shade of brown).

I’m a VERY fair skinned lady. So fair that after I had surgery my nurse was concerned about how I was feeling.

Nurse: Are you always this white.

Me: I’m fair skinned and it’s called ivory.

Nurse: Oh, I thought you were having a reaction to the anesthetic.

Needless to say, I absolutely HAVE TO wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 100 or higher. I burn through my clothing.

So, with summer finally here and fun in the sun surrounding us, we all need to remember the importance of how a good sunscreen will not only stop the burns and blisters, but can help keep our skin free of the big ‘C’.

Here is a handy little diddy from about the importance of sunscreen year round,

  1. Use a sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher when you spend time outdoors.

This also applies to having drinks on the patio, enjoying a romantic picnic or watching your kid fly down the slopes. (Winter is no good for your precious skin either.) Apply that goop every 2 hours just to be safe.

  1. Cover up! I know it’s hard not to show off that 6 pack you’ve worked tirelessly to get.

Throw on a hat!

Put on some sexy shades!

  1. Find shade!
  2. Don’t be seeking out a tan. That includes outside and inside. Cooking your skin is a really bad idea.

So…..what happens when you have already done some damage to your skin from of those years of baking and broiling? Nobody wants to look like an old leather bag.

  1. Use a really good night and day cream to help improve the wreckage the sun has caused. Click here to help save your skin.
  2. Drink water to rehydrate that skin.
  3. Use a really good suntan lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher

Here’s the scoop peeps, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that continual exposure to the sun causes fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and brown spots, uneven texture and aging skin= DAM-AGE!

Why wouldn’t you protect the largest organ of your body?

It’s the one the WHOLE WORLD sees.


Why would you trust just any old cream to help fix that damage when it’s already been scientifically proven that Nerium International has all the help you need. Want to fix what’s been done? Go here! Nerium does repair sun damage!

Dream big friends!

Love Vanessa and Tony