Marketparty Calgary Flyer
We would love to invite you as our personal guests to the very first Nerium Market Party on July 1st. This is THE DAY! The BIG LIFE CHANGING experience you have been waiting for.

What if you could personally introduce an interested person to one of the companies top leaders? What difference would that make to their belief level?

We are super excited to have Dale & Vanessa Munger coming to our first ever market party! Dale & Vanessa are flat out awesome folks who also happen to 4 start National Marketing Directors. When we met Dale, the thing that stayed with me the most (besides his awesome laugh) was his focus on others.

He didn’t ever talk about what he had accomplished with Nerium International. He kept talking about helping people.

Nerium International Lexus Bonus

Dale and Vanessa are pretty proud of the fact that they helped over one thousand people earn their Lexus Car Bonus! They have also taught 60 people how to earn over 6 figures in Nerium. This is all within 3 years!

Please, come over to chat with us when you are there. We LOVE one on one time! Feel free to call for more info. 587-434-4890

Check out our partner pages if you are ready to link arms with us as we both head down the path to success! Or send us an email to chat!

Love to hear your comments below, as always!

Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro



Direct Sales Training Tips – How NOT to Suck

Direct Sales Training Tips – Don’t Want to Suck? Do this.

Hi, My name is Tony and I’m a salesman.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been a salesman for over 20 years now. It is hilarious to me watching the new crops of salespeople come to the profession and then go to great lengths to camouflage what they do. Seen any business cards lately?

“Territory Manager”

“Customer Acquisition Specialist”

“Account Manager”

“Business Development Technician”

Why, oh why can’t we just call our selves “Salespeople”. Is it really so bad?

Apparently it can be.

Sad thing is, I’ve known many, many Ned Ryersons in my career. Heck, I won’t lie. I’ve been a “Ned” myself in the past. When you have mouths to feed and need a sale in order to put food on the table you will resort to all sorts of unscrupulous tactics. No sense sugar coating it or hiding it. If you’ve ever worked straight commission and had to support a family, you know what I’m talking about. If you are in sales and have never worked straight commission, well, sorry you haven’t really done sales.

Direct Sales Training Tips

Ready for some super secret, complex, guaranteed never fail, closing techniques? I can’t believe I’m giving these away for free…

1) Believe that what you are selling is going to help the person buying.

2) Believe that the company you represent has the best interest of the customer first.

3) Believe in yourself.

3.5) Be likeable. If you aren’t likeable you have to fix that or quit selling right now.

Don’t be this guy:


After 20+ years of selling a pile of different products at all levels of consumer from door to door right up to “C” level B2B clients I can truthfully tell you this is the secret to selling more for longer. I’m sure I should be charging for these direct sales training tips….

We teach new sales people in my construction equipment rental company the same approach we teach our team of Nerium Canada Brand Partners.

Don’t look for customers. Look for friends. If you are looking for customers you are looking to help YOU. WRONG!! When you make friends, you truly want to help them. RIGHT!! To quote one of my favorite sales authors of all time Jeffrey Gitomer “When all things are equal, friends buy from friends. When all things are *not* quite equal, friends STILL buy from friends.”

Win At Direct Sales

A direct sales career is a marathon, not a sprint. Many times, reps who come out of the gate super fast can’t build a strong stable team. They are like shooting stars, very bright and moving very quickly yet they burn out quickly.

Want true, real, residual income that you don’t have to rebuild over and over again?

Build a team of friends that happen to be customers. Focus on making their lives truly better. The more people you can help succeed at something, the more success you will naturally have. So simple. So powerful.

Nerium International – A Direct Sales Company With Character

Vanessa has been researching Nerium International for close to two years now while it was growing in the USA. She knew that there was something here. Something that we had been looking for in a direct sales company. We were looking for a home.

To be honest, I wasn’t all “in” until I met the leadership team at Nerium. Jeff Olson, Dennis Windsor, Mark & Tammy Smith, Dale & Vanessa Munger, Belynda Lee, Roy Truett and Jeff Dahl. In 20 + years of selling I can honestly say I’ve never been more impressed by the character and integrity of a single group of people.

Ironically, we hosted a small training session for our team shortly before we met these awesome folks. At that session, Vanessa and I shared our dreams for our team. We truly strive to provide people with the tools they need to improve at whatever they want to improve in their lives. Financial success, relationship success, pure happiness, success in their jobs or their business. After folks leave our team or move on we want them to look back and think “I’m so glad I worked with Vanessa & Tony” regardless of any financial success.

Jeff Olson said the exact same thing at the Vancouver Conference. Real People, Real Science, Real Results.

Check out our reviews on the product, and company. Partner up with us and we will all help each other! Or contact us for more info. We would love to chat!

Dream Big!

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro




MLM Recruiting Secrets 2 – Lets Make This Easy Part 2

MLM Recruiting Secrets 2 – Lets Make This Easy Part 2

How NOT To Promote Your Business:

Part 2 of 4


Oh my gosh! Have you ever been approached by someone like this?

What you want to say is, “Thanks but no thanks” and unravel your body from their sticky fingers, but what you actually say is, “OK? I guess you can send me more info,” because let’s face it, you’re one of those nice people who doesn’t want to offend anyone.


A person will respond better when they know they have a choice.

Ever been backed into a corner and feel like you have no control over the situation? Choices speak volumes people!


High pressure sales rarely work.

Ever feel forced into making a decision and regretting it later? AGAIN..choices speak volumes.


A good direct sales company’s reputation speaks for itself.

Everything you need to know is available on the net. The days of being oblivious are over with the click of a few buttons, so if the company is everything it says it is, you can find it.

But How Do I Introduce This Amazing Company to Other Peeps?

What you say as a rep is the first glance most get of that business.

Don’t be a dork and make yourself and your business a scary thing.

Be honestly excited!

Be sincere and speak the truth!

Be yourself not a robot ‘that s-a-y-s e-x-a-c-t-ly wh-u-t the s-c-r-i-p-t says. ‘ (K, I don’t speak robot so it’s sort’a hard to type robot speak.)

Put the amazing you into your pitch/talk/presentation. People want to believe in you as much as you want them to believe in you. Be yourself,


Dream Big! Love Vanessa and Tony


Nerium Canada Vancouver – Canada Launch Rocks Nerium’s World

Nerium Canada Vancouver

Look out Canada! Here comes Nerium International.

Real People, Real Results

Nerium is pretty famous for being “REAL”. Real everything.

Real Products, Real Science, Real People, Real Results

That sounds pretty cliche I admit.

Here’s the thing. We’ve been involved in a few network marketing companies in our time. Some of them are still around. Some, not so much. In all that time, we can truly say that Vanessa and I have never been on the same page.

Those folks who know us, know how strong our relationship is. We get a lot of comments like “Get a room!” “Awwwww look at those two!” Even had total strangers ask us if we were newly weds…. after being married for 20 years!

Yet we are total opposites. I mean totally. Not one shared hobby or activity between us. I like to tell people that we are opposite sides of the same coin. We can never really see the other side’s point of view, yet we can’t exist without each other. We complete each other.

Kinda sappy, huh? Too bad. Get used to it! We are proud of our relationship and don’t really care if people get a bit squirmy when they are around us.

Point is: I would come home with a great business opportunity and Vanessa would try to support *me* but wasn’t committed to the products. Eventually everything would fall apart as I simply cannot live knowing I’m making her unhappy. So we would quit. Left some decent teams and companies behind along the way too.

Ever wonder why that sort of thing happens?

Network Marketing Failures

This used to beat me up. And beat me up badly.

Then I listened to Jeff Olson speak at the Nerium Canada Launch in Vancouver this weekend. Truly it was like the skies opened and the proverbial angel’s light shone down upon me….

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration

All kidding aside, I’ve been a believer in Network Marketing and the power of Relationship Marketing for years.

Something always ended up feeling “wrong” though.

When Jeff talked he hit on a few points that really hammered home why Vanessa & I can BOTH totally commit to this company and product.

Is Nerium International a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Here’s a few key differences:

People will buy Nerium AD, Nerium Optimera and Nerium Firm even if they aren’t being paid to do so! This is huge!!

In the past I would come home with a new business opportunity and my wonderful wife, who will gladly admit that she is wee bit “frugal”, would look at the cost of the products and say: “I can get that product for less!” or “I never buy that kind of product! Why would I buy it now?”

People start to panic when they run out of Nerium! They would buy it again, and again, and again even if they weren’t in the business.

This makes the revenue stream reliable and steadily growing even if new brand partners slow down.

Most network marketing companies totally rely on new distributors enrolling in order to generate the revenue used to pay commissions. When new distributors start to slow down, there isn’t enough revenue to pay commissions. This is when comp plans usually get changed. Not for the betterment of the field reps either…

Nerium builds strong, loyal, REPEAT customers that love the products and the culture. Customers are important to a business. Go figure. Now why don’t other Network Marketing Companies figure that out?

Nerium Canada – Culture, Who Cares About Culture?

The family, team based culture that Nerium Canada leaders Jeff Olson, Jeff Dahl, Dennis Windsor, Mark & Tammy Smith, Dale Munger, Roy Truett and others displayed at this conference was actually a bit shocking for someone who has experience in Network Marketing.

They actually encourage people to help each other. Even if they are on someone else’s team! This would have been the sin of “cross lining” in other network marketing companies. For shame! How dare you try and help someone when there is NO FINANCIAL GAIN for you to do so!!

We are all on the same team, TEAM NERIUM CANADA.

Come join our team, we love to make new friends!

Dream Big

Tony & Vanessa Canevaro


MLM Recruiting Secrets – Let’s Make This Easy

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Let’s Make This Easy!

Part 1 of 4


Sound familiar? Wow! Really? Who wouldn’t want to make $100 000+ part-time, full time or any time?!


So after you read past the verbal wa wa wa wa… (insert Charlie Brown and Linus school scene here) you probably thought who the heck would believe that hokey line?

Or, even better, post the same picture of a handful of cash followed by the same worn out sales tricks over, and over and over and over again on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. People love that.


If this is what your mentor is teaching you, RUN AWAY VERY FAST! I mean pack up that laptop ASAP and get your badonkadonk the heck outta there.

Of course you want to make a 6 figure income, but here’s a special insight into the ‘secret’… it doesn’t exist. Well, not really. The secret is there really is no secret. Oh no! The secret that there is no secret is out!

BUT… Tony and I Have a PLAN!

Be Real! Real People Build Real Network Marketing Businesses

Clue #1 – We teach our team that you MUST care more about what the person you are talking with wants than you care about what you want. I know it’s cliche and everyone gives lip service to the idea. Facts are facts though.

If you aren’t prepared to be a servant leader, might not be the long term business for you.

Yep, we really do have a plan and it involves so much more than a simple 1 step process and a “Good luck sucker. See ya on the other side.”

Our plan is to help you help others. We plan to teach you exactly what we do, how we do it and how to love doing it so much you want to share it with everyone. You see, Tony and I aren’t just in this business for us.

Sure we’re cool and have a pretty amazing thing going, but we want to help others find that little piece of Heaven, no matter what that version of Heaven might be. We all have different dreams and goals in life and having someone to lead the way to make those dreams a reality is pretty darn great.

…we have been there and done that!

…bought the ticket to the quick and easy ride and came back with a flat tire. But, you don’t have to ride that roller coaster without your seat belt. We are in this game together and the more coaching, guidance and direction you get in order to go where you need to be the happier we will all be.

Tony and I want to open the door to a life you have only dreamed of, but you need to be the one who walks through it. So, if you’re ready to take that step and start running with the big kids, LET’S PLAY BALL!

Dream Big! Love Vanessa and Tony